About Us

Madhuram was set up in 1995 in Jamnagar, a place which is known as Asia’s Brass Hub. The founder, along with his brothers, who from the outset succeeded in combining innovation with outstanding product quality. A leading Manufacturer and Exporters of housing brass hardware fittings. We are serving domestic as well as international market with our quality products and services. The company is firmly rooted in the local area and its historic values of artisanship.  We take privilege to develop multiple brass products as per our customer’s requirement which proves our innovative and creative nature of business. Our core business has been the production of hinges, tower bolts, fittings, glass fittings mortise handle and bath accessories, an activity backed by its expertise in the brass working processes.


All of our products satisfy various criteria for its functioning for the consumer. Our customers care about the aesthetics of the products used in their space and their needs are our priority. Trusted quality and incorporating features that contain the capacity to meet all consumer requirements is what makes us a trusted name in the industry. All our products perform their tasks easily in a complete and effective way.


Continuously incorporating both modest, incremental and radical revolutionary improvements in processes, product designs, services and technologies. Working on innovations that make a difference and bring out results that are aesthetically pleasing to all spaces.

Our Commitment


Customer Satisfaction

We have adhered to the promise of providing customer satisfaction throughout our journey of 20+ years.


Quality Assurance

The absolute best quality of products have been our motto since the very beginning and we thrive on this promise.



We are value-led manufacturing unit it is our compassion and values of immense growth and creating something new that drives us continuously.



We are extremely honest and our customer’s trustworthiness is what keeps us going. Our passion for innovation and creation are the roots of our integrity.

A sneak peek into the world of Madhuram Brass Manufacturing.



We maintain following processes
to make sure of our quality products.

Quality has its own language which is described without words”. A firm quality believer and providing cutting edge solutions to our customers, Madhuram Industries believes in a “Quality” in each and every aspect of our businesswhether it is product, services, customers relationship, employee training, standards or approvals

Our Process

Our exemplary and fine products are a result of various efforts and processes combined together. It is our efficiency at each and every step in the process that makes our products stand out.

Scrap Material
Quality Check

Casting Rods
from Scrap Material



Buffing &

Chemical Wash
(Ultrasonic Machine)




Packing - Polythene
/ NonOwen Bag

Box & Carton


Made in india

India is the leading manufacturer of a variety of products in the world. As mentioned before Jamnagar, Gujarat is Asia’s brass hub. All of our products are designed and made in India.